vendredi 29 juillet 2011

A 4th SOLO furnace delivered to Nanjing Mint, China PRC

The Chinese coins manufacturer Nanjing Mint has once again preferred a SOLO Swiss continuous furnace . Two halls are now fully occupied with 4 continuous furnaces of the same manufacturer.

Each furnace type SOLO 322-80/800 with a total length of 35 meters has a loading width of 700 mm, a heating length of 8000 mm and an effective height of 20 mm for a production up to 750 kg/h and a temperature up to 950°C. Nanjing Mint found in these installations the best solution for the annealing of its parts.
This continuous furnace for the treatment of coins has allowed the Swiss manufacturer to meet the main requirement of the customer specifications: optimal, constant and reproducible parts surface properties, presenting a homogeneous structure without any defects or any oxidation trace, and a bright metallic sparkle. A quality which SOLO can perfectly provide.

Besides this essential condition for the Chinese manufacturer, many other points have also convinced him:

- Possibility to working with one gas (hydrogen) in the furnace and another gas (nitrogen) in the cooling channel to reduce consumption while maintaining the same quality for the parts.
- A basic concept: modular construction, simple mechanization and drive, a cable tray integrated into the frame to avoid civil engineering.

- A guarantee of reliability: thermal shocks are absorbed by a mobile plate with interchangeable elements. A belt return on rollers reduces friction and therefore its wear. The conveyor belt is a driving system which is secured by a continuous control of the belt speed.
- The easy accessibility to the channel thanks to a half-shell carcass construction which reduces and facilitates the maintenance all the more that the heating elements are also easily interchangeable.
- The quality of the parts is ensured by a homogenous cooling on all the belt surface, the control of the temperature uniformity in several distinct zones as well as the control of the O2 partial pressure by an O2 analyzer at each furnace end.

The continuous parts feeding on the belt is fully automated thanks to the user-friendly control system of latest technology, type CARBO BELT Pro, translated into the customer language and completely developed by AXRON Swiss Technology ( . With standard equipment available on the market, this system allows the data management and archiving and makes remote maintenance of the installation possible.

SOLO Swiss is the leader in the manufacturing of furnaces dedicated to the mint heat treatment. The greatest names are working with these continuous furnaces such as Royal Canadian Mint, Singapore Mint, Shanghai Mint, Ukraine Mint, Mint of Finland, Saint Petersburg Mint, Moscow Mint, Shenyang Mint, Nanjing Mint , Shenzhen mint, KME Group, Bank Negara Malaysia, Austrian Mint, Verres, Royal Mint of Belgium, Mint of Finland, Europa Metalli Italy, Royal Norvegian Mint, Poland Mint, Jindal India, Siam Poongsan,Iran mint, Kazakhstan mint…