mardi 17 juin 2014

SOLO Swiss Bell type furnace for aerospace and automotive parts

SOLO Swiss, manufacturer of atmosphere furnaces since 1945, delivered a bell type furnace type Profitherm 500 to a commercial heat treater of aerospace and automotive parts in India.
The SOLO Swiss line is equipped with an austenitizing, carburizing, carbonitriding and annealing bell furnace with a working temperature up to 1000°C, a quenching oil tank max. 100°C and a tempering furnace under N2 atmosphere up to 630°C. This new furnace, as the entire SOLO product range, is powered by AXRON Swiss advanced process control.
The useful loading dimensions are about 700 mm diameter, 700 mm height for a maximum weight of a load of 500 kg.
This line has many advantages, including:
-     Fast temperature increase and rapid cycle change
-     Excellent uniformity of the heat treatment process
-     Cost effectiveness: low energy consumption
-     Modularity: easy adding of additional modules (furnaces, tanks…)
-     Possibility to realize small batches (rapid conditioning)
-     Full automatic management loads
-     Easy maintenance
-     Multi language interface
Besides, this furnace has other applications for the customer:
-     Also suitable for Argon use
-     Oil or polymer quenching
-     AMS2750E compliant
SOLO  manufactures advanced industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals since 1945. SOLO Swiss offers controlled atmosphere furnaces, type batch furnaces, bell-type furnaces, retort furnaces, muffle furnaces, hardening furnaces, continuous furnaces, mesh belt furnaces, continuous furnaces with online quenching, used in variety of heat treatment processes (Carburizing, Hardening, Ecocarb®, Tempering, Annealing, Austempering, Nitriding, Brazing, Carbonitriding, Sintering, Nitrocarburising, Oxinitriding, Quenching…).
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