mardi 20 mai 2014

SOLO Swiss Bell type furnace for precision machinery components

SOLO Swiss, manufacturer of atmosphere furnaces since 1945, delivered a bell type furnace type Profitherm 500/1100 to a high precision machining components manufacturer in Taiwan.

The SOLO Swiss line is equipped with two austenitizing, carburizing and carbonitriding bell furnaces with a working temperature up to 1050°C, a quenching salt tank max. 350°C and a quenching oil tank max. 180°C. This new furnace, as the entire SOLO product range, is powered by AXRON Swiss advanced process control.
The useful loading dimensions are about 700 mm diameter, 1100 mm height for a surface of 0,38 m2, a volume of 0,423 m3 and a maximum weight of a load of 500 kg.
This line has many applications, including:
-     A compact and modular design enabling easy expansions
-  A high precision and homogeneity of heat treatment (excellent temperature uniformity, minimization of distortions)
-     A very high productivity due to very good process repeatability and lower operating costs
-     A heavy load capacity (up to 500 kg)
-     The full automatic loads transfer
-     A storage capacity up to 6 loads
SOLO manufactures advanced industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of metals since 1945. SOLO Swiss offers controlled atmosphere furnaces, type batch furnaces, bell-type furnaces, retort furnaces, muffle furnaces, hardening furnaces, continuous furnaces, mesh belt furnaces, continuous furnaces with online quenching, used in variety of heat treatment processes (Carburizing, Hardening, Ecocarb®, Tempering, Annealing, Austempering, Nitriding, Brazing, Carbonitriding, Sintering, Nitrocarburising, Oxinitriding, Quenching…).
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