lundi 25 mars 2013

SOLO Swiss continuous furnace for little parts of textile machines

SOLO Swiss, builder of industrial controlled atmosphere furnaces since 1945, launched a continuous furnace type 322-10/100 for a Tunisian textile company.

This installation consists of a heating length of 1000 mm, a belt width of 100 mm with a useful height of 40 mm, the whole for a heating power of 10 kW.

This SOLO Swiss heat treatment continuous furnace was designed for the textile industry. It is used in this particular case for the martensitic stainless steel hardening of little guides for the wire centering mounted on industrial textile machines.
Due to a dense loading, it is essential for this martensitic hardening treatment to combine, firstly, a good homogenization of temperature in order to solution all carbides and secondly, a relatively quick cooling to known avoid the precipitation of carbides to retain the stainless steel power of the parts.

So this furnace is designed to be modular. It is equipped with a heated part of two independent zones up to 1150°C temperature each one, a cooler, a belt for the conveyor of parts, a gas and electric cabinet and a process control system Axron Swiss.

The furnace is equipped with an ammonia cracker and a gas mixer N2/H2 to modulate the selection of the gases by working with a fixed composition of cracked gas of 25%H2+75%N2 or to modulate the proportion N2/H2 of 0 to 100% depending on the types of parts to be treated.

Other advantages : 
Absolutely clean and bright parts surfaces
Environmental friendly (no rejection of poisonous gas, salt or vapors)
Integrated production line
Neutral treatment (total absence of decarburization or parts coloration)
Fully automatized Process control
Completely safe
SOLO Swiss Group
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